Sunday, June 01, 2008

My feelings are somewhat hurt

This is the second year that the Knoxville library has hosted/sponsored a "Children's Reading Festival" downtown.
Last year when I heard about it, I got excited and made some phone calls to see how I could participate. I was told that the committee hadn't really factored in a second-hand bookdealer and they didn't really see clear how I could be a part of the festivities. The promised me that they would put the issue up to a vote and get back to me. Last year, the vote was no, but they said that the upcoming year might be able to accommodate my business.
So this is year two and I guess no discussions were had and no votes were made, because I wasn't invited nor informed about the event.
I mean, children's books is what I do. I am about a mile from the festival. I deal mainly in out of print and second hand books, so I wouldn't really be competing with the library sales or the new retail book vendors.
My booth would feature an entirely different aspect of the children's literary world.
But they don't seem to want anything to do with me, or rather they haven't taken the time to expand their event beyond retail and the library.
I need to mark my calendar and make more efforts next year to call ahead and get the folks in charge to rethink my participation.
It just makes sense to involve local businesses and at the same time expose people to a broader view of what children's literature has to offer.

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