Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life is shaped by little moments.

When I was sixteen, my friend Lindsay and I were at her dad's house getting ready for a night out on the strip. We were side by side in front of the bathroom mirror and as I put on my mascara, she made a comment about how I was holding my mouth open. She asked me if I realized I did that and if it served any purpose in putting on eye make-up. It's now 25 years later and about once a week, I think of that when I'm putting on my make-up. And I stubbornly refuse to open my mouth.

Another time, my friend Michael asked me if I left the original wrapper on cheese when I transferred it to a ziploc bag. I admitted that I did. He asked me what purpose did that serve and I couldn't say. But I still do it and I still think of him every time I do.

You ever wonder why some stuff sticks in your head?

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