Monday, September 18, 2006

Chit Chat

I'm considering posting a want ad on Craigslist for a deaf-mute hairdresser.

I require only two things from a person who cuts my hair: that they be skilled at cutting hair and that they don't stink.

They don't need to know the following...
(and they especially don't deserve to know the following if they're addressing me as if it's my first day of kindergarten):

Why I spell my name the way I do
What I'm doing after I get my hair cut
Where I went to school
Where I grew up
If I want to have children
My opinion of the weather
Where I went on vacation
Where I work
If I like my job
If I'm married
Where I got my purse
If it's my day off

I'm not being mean, really. It's just that I can't stand the kind of talk generated from obligation. She doesn't care what the answers are to any of those questions beyond whether they'll lead to more conversation.
And I'm not kidding about the kindergarten thing. Her over-dramatic exclamations of astonishment and fascination with each of my one word answers made my ears and brain hurt.


jon hickman said...

I'm with you. I got so sick of the general chitchat at the barber shop - the same "where'd you go to school," etc - that I started cutting my own hair.

I don't recommend you do that, though. I'm doubting you'd be pleased by just running clippers over your head.

You should blog more often. Your posts are always entertaining.

firstimpressionist said...

I don't post as much as I should mainly for two reasons; lack of discipline and lack of material.
But thanks.

jon said...

cheap excuses.

I want entertainment!


mohney said...

yeah, i've always thought the haircut conversations were among the most ridiculously forced, ever. i am paying you for a service. it's just unfortunate that you're in close proximity while the service is being performed.

for them, i think maybe it's the equivalent of a server squatting at your table when they take your order.

and there's that ridiculous notion of having to 'like' the people you do business with. as you say, it's not enough to be competent. gotta be charming, or some such shit.

you see it, too. don't your customers expect you to deliver service, with a smile...