Thursday, August 31, 2006


While driving home the other night, I saw a road sign proclaiming simply "Purple Heart Trail". I looked around; there's no obvious trail in sight. No explanation. Just a sign. Which kind of bugged me, because isn't the point of a sign to inform or educate? I mean I know what a Purple Heart is, but what the heck is the trail about?
So I finally looked it up on Google and I found out that The Purple Heart Trail is a nationwide effort at commemorating men and women who have died in combat while serving in the armed forces.
Nice sentiment. I guess. But it still seems useless to me. A person could drive from Mt. Vernon to California on the Purple Heart Trail and never learn the first thing about any of the people killed or any of the wars in which they served. It's a road. It's a trail. It's signage.

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