Monday, August 28, 2006

Tom Cruise

I absolutely hate Tom Cruise. Have for years. I can't even stand to look at a photo of him. It was a great day of celebrity news reporting recently when I read that Paramount had booted his contract, whatever the reasons. He isn't particularly good looking. He isn't particularly talented. Tom Cruise, ahem Mapother, is a cheesy bland brand of celebrity. He's absolutely one-dimensional. I hope he sinks to the bottom.
The best thing Tom Cruise could do for himself at this point is admit his homosexuality and just live a normal life being true to himself instead of trying to throw his weight around by PR'img himself to death with stupid transparent marriages and pregnancies, the same photos of him in his same ol' stupid two-inches-too-long sleeved leather jackets in various colors, the stupid high-octane publicity stunts, the same stupid interviews in which he condescends to the public on all manner of issues of which he's not an expert.
I just HATE him.
There are SO many hugely talented people in Hollywood that need a good role; let's give them a chance, shall we?

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