Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Conquering the world

When I was a kid I was convinced that twist-ties were a magical puzzle that defied logic. When I wanted to make a sandwich I had to factor in an indeterminate amount of time to get the bread bag open because, well, twist-ties were wily unpredictable little buggers. They might let you in on your first try or mess with your head and keep changing directions.

At some point, I got it. I don't remember any big moment when it became clear, but they don't stand in my way of making lunch now.

Today I finally conquered another magical logic-defying foe. The box-cutter. While changing the blade, I found that sometimes it would fit perfectly into its slot on the first try and other times it seemed to have this extra 1/10th of an inch that rode up on the side of the blade slot. Like with the twist ties, I'd just keep trying and trying until it would inexplicably fit.

I got it.

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