Saturday, November 24, 2012

On this Small Business Saturday, please consider purchasing your gifts from a small business (like mine!) Our shipping department:
Our warehouse:
And our well-fed associates:
I take extra time with my descriptions, images, packaging and give personal attention to any questions you might have about a book. And if you order from me twice, you'll automatically enjoy a permanent 10% discount on all future orders. It's good to go small! Happy Holidays! Beci


Juli Dee said...

Thanks goodness for the "Next Blog" button that allowed me to stumble into your blog. Awesome! You're bookmarked and followed, and whatever else I can do. My love of children's books has no boundaries. Great site!

Waldbiene said...

hahah that's very cute :D said...

I'm almost an adult now, yet I still live reading those nursery rhymes, picture books and even drawing books. Never had the nerve to threw out my old