Saturday, September 03, 2011

Affluence in The Enchanted Forest

I have to share a few images from this fantastic edition of "The Three Bears". Published in 1942 by Random House; illustrated by Mary Cameron. It's just about perfect, don't you think?

My favorite part has to be the mapped-out endpapers. Here's the full view ariel view of the county in which Goldilocks and the Bears dwell:

I guess, while I never did before, I can envision Goldilocks living in a 19th century farmhouse with detached garage and barn:

But I have to admit, I never pictured The Three Bears in a gabled colonial with a formal duck pond, beehives, and chicken house.
Very nice, bears.


aDraftSoulja said...
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Erin Leigh said...

I am trying to locate a book that my great-grandma had. I can't remember the title, but is was a story of some bears in a zoo that got covered in paint so they looked like polar bears or brown bears (went from one to the other... not sure which). Does that sound familiar to you?

Erin Leigh said...

I found it!!! the five busy bears