Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In-Sync Sisters

My sister and I absolutely hated each other when we were young. We thought every adult who assured us we would get along as adults was batty. But here we are 38 and 40 and what do you know; we get along.

We are very very different with regard to our preferences and lifestyles. My sister is a fundamentalist baptist, married into a baptist preacher's family. She is a career woman with many many years logged at a government facility. She and her husband (of 15 years) have two children. She is involved in the community delivering meals, and working for a variety of fundraisers close to her heart.

I am still somewhat newly married; new agey, want no kids, my husband is an athiest, we both like our beer, we are both fairly selfish with our time and energy.

Ok ok, so my sister and I are totally different on paper. But what freaks me out is that our moods are completely in sync. I see her about once a month, but we talk online a few times a week.
I can come to work in a funk, login and ask her how her mood is and walla!, she is also in the same funk. Her relationship with her boss is the same as my relationship with my boss. And they tend to piss us off on the same schedule. When I'm feeling melancholy, so is she. When I'm weepy, so is she! When I'm happy, so is she!.
It's very strange.

I have to admit I take comfort in finding her there online feeling how I feel. We help each other through our mood swings like no one else, maybe because we are sisters. It's very weird and very unexpected and very welcome.

I'm glad we're adults now and I'm glad we get along.

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Appalachian Feminist Breeder said...

Sisters have a very important relationship. It is quite like no other.