Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Psst...Hey Little Brown, over here

The latest installment from my 10 year old niece, Miss Megan.
The heartbreaking world of lost promotions and high fashion.
Sorry for the length. Hey, girl likes to write.
And if you're like me and had never heard of Bubble Tea, here it is:
Bubble Tea

Five o' clock. It was almost time.
I was about to get my
big promotion in Renee Magazine.
The big time director of Renee Magazine,
Harold Dean, was going to call me to
notify of my promotion.
I would be a model searcher, who searches for new
models for our new clothes.
I would travel the world,
searching for the perfect model, to model our
perfect new outfit. After this
I could be a catwalk model and clothes
designer in Paris My hopes are up.
I just know I'll achieve my dream, someday.
Ring rang the telephone.
I immediately jumped up from the couch,
to see if this was him calling me.
When I got to the telephone,
I paused for a moment. I closed my
eyes, praying that this was him,and I'd
get my promotion.
I could see me modeling on a catwalk and
traveling the world
with new outfits to introduce to the world.
I would be sitting in my office,
counting my millions of dollars.
I couldn't wait any longer.
So I grabbed the telephone
and pulled it up to my ear and said, "Hello?"
"Yes," he said. But before he could say anything else
I said, "Yes, I know who you are And yes,
I'll accept my promotion now"
I smiled and waited for him to say something.
"Yes, I know you've been waiting for your big promotion
but I had just found another model searcher, and
I'm afraid you don't get the promotion," he said.
I stopped smiling and my eyes began to
water. "You don't need me?" I bawled to him.
"You found another person?" I slammed down
the telephone and ran crying up to my room.
I slammed myself, and hid my crying face in a pillow.
I turned myself over. My dream was shattered.
I needed that promotion.
How was I ever going to achieve my dream
if I never got the promotion?
So I took a glance at the clock. Six.
It was time to meet Sarah and Julie at
the Japanese restaurant for dinner.
So I changed into my brand new outfit that I chose
out of the Renee Catalogue, and then took a
look in my pocketbook. Twenty dollars.
Just enough to get a plate of seaweed
wrapped fish cakes.
I collected my car keys and got in my Volkswagen
and drove away.
Sushi wasn't going to cheer me up about my promotion.
Nothing would cheer me up about it. It was my
darkest hour.
Maybe I should just give up my career.
It would be much easier if I had no
silly promotions to worry about.
Or I could start my
own magazine and earn millions without
worrying about Harold Dean.
Right now was not the time to think.
I was too hungry to do so. I had
finally arrived at the restaurant.
I looked around the parking lot, looking
if Sarah and Julie were here. And they were.
I saw Sarah's BMW and Julie's Hummer.
I looked in the mirror and tried to smile
and look happy.
So I locked my
car and walked in the restaurant.
I smiled at the waiter as he led me
to the table where Sarah and Julie sat.
I walked up to them and smiled,
still trying to look happy.
"Hey, girl" said Julie.
I sat down in the booth, smiling.
"So," said Sarah."What did he say?"
I tried my best to look puzzled.
"Who?" I asked like I didn't hear her.
"You know," she said. "Did he say yes?" I still
tried to look puzzled. "What on earth on are
you talking about?"
I said quizzically. Sarah glanced at
Julie, annoyed. "Seriously, Chanel," she said.
"Did you get the promotion or not?"
I quickly went silent. I looked at them.
I didn't say a word.
The waiter suddenly saved me.
He had come to deliver our bubble tea. Then he asked,
"Welcome, may I take your order?" Sarah put down
her menu and said, "Yes, we all would like seaweed
wrapped fish cakes,"
I looked up from my menu and said,
"I'd like mine to go,"
Sarah and Julie looked at me. "Hey," said Julie,
"We came her to have dinner together.
Why do you want to leave so soon?"
"Wait!" said Sarah.
"You still haven't answered my question.
Did you get the promotion or not?"
My eyes began to water.
I pushed my out of the booth and ran to the women's
bathroom, bawling my eyes out.
I pushed the door opened and ran into a
stall and slammed the door.
I sat on the toilet and covered my face.
Sarah and Julie opened the stall door and saw me.
"What happened back there?" asked Julie.
Sarah whispered something into Julie's ear.
Then Julie said, "You didn't get the
promotion, did you?,"
I cried even harder.
They pulled me out of the bathroom and
back to the booth.
Julie handed me my sushi and bubble tea.
Sarah handed me my coat and purse.
"You might want to go home and relax," said Sarah.
"We'll call you in two days to see how you're doing."
I put on my coat and snatched up my sushi
and bubble tea.
I took the keys out of my purse, and drove home.
When I got there I immediately
went up to my room and changed into my pajamas.
Then I went into the bathroom and fixed
my hair into a bun.
I poured my bubble tea into a glass and reached into
the drawer where my chopsticks were.
I dumped my sushi onto a plate and slipped in Gone With
The Wind and sat on the couch with Coco, my Chihuahua.
Half an hour later my seaweed wrapped fish cakes
and bubble tea were gone.
The movie was almost over, and it was ten o' clock.
Coco had left the room and fell asleep.
I turned the television off and went upstairs
to brush my teeth.
I reached the bathroom and brushed my teeth
and washed my face. I climbed in bed and turned on the
lamp and began to read my book.
Coco had awoke and jumped in my bed.
The clock read eleven. It was bed time.
I would awake in the morning
and go to my work and face Harold Dean, and see who
is the new model searcher is. I'd be miserable.
I just hope I don't go bawling into the bathroom.

It took me forever to get to sleep.
I was thinking about the promotion.
I didn't get it. Every new model searcher would
bragging about traveling the world searching for
new models. I was torn apart.
I just hoped it wasn't Kelly Sparks: otherwise known
as my nemesis.
Ever since the "accident" that happened
at her birthday party,
she would never forgive me, and decided to
steal my promotion away from me.

I finally fell asleep. In the morning I felt a
tiny bit happier.
I took a long hot shower and styled my hair.
I put on my best outfit and shoes.
I ate a breakfast of pancakes and sausage
and scrambled eggs with a cappuccino.
I prepared another cappuccino for work.
I grabbed my purse, papers, and sketches and
went out the door. I jumped into my car and drove
to my work building.

When I arrived, I smiled and walked in. I
said 'hello' to the other workers with
their cappuccinos and espressos.
I reached my office door and took out my ID card
and placed it in front of the scanner.
The door opened and I walked in and sat in my
swivel chair.

I suddenly noticed a piece of paper on my desk.
It read:

"Dear Chanel,

At ten o' clock in the morning, I want you to
report to my office and meet my new model searcher.

I'm sure you remember her, vaguely.
We still have to fill in the position
of co model searcher.
You might be the person to do it! But anyway,
I left you a fresh sausage
and egg biscuit for you in the lounge.


Harold Dean."

I did as I was directed. I immediately went
to the lounge to find a hot
sausage and egg biscuit. I ate it quickly,
then I rushed
off to Harold's office.
I reached the door. I opened it and saw Harold,
sitting in his swivel chair.
"Hello!" he said. I didn't pay attention to
anything else he said. I had my eyes
on the lady with clipboard.
She was the new model searcher.
She had brown hair, green eyes, and a
few freckles on her nose.
She had long legs that were perfectly moisturized,
from her tons of lotions and moisturizers.
Oh my word I thought. It was Kelly Sparks.`

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