Sunday, April 30, 2006


I have an atrocious memory. Seriously. Like a goldfish. Facts and details just do not want to adhere to my gray matter. I'm a smart girl who has been deprived of credibility because I can't summon up enough of my accumulated knowledge to hold up my end of a discussion. I have a degree in anthropology, but avoid saying so, because I can't discuss the most basic premises of the field. I wanted to become a landscape architect at one time, but gave up on the idea because of the overwhelming amount of memorization and categorization involved.
What has stuck with me though, and shaped the course of my career, are children's books. I don't know why, but I can remember authors, illustrators, storylines, and characters. I can go to a booksale and quickly sort through hundreds of books, pulling out the 10 that have merit in the world of book collectors. And that's what I do. And I love my job. I love helping people reconnect with their favorite books from childhood and I'm pretty good at it.
Unfortunately, the subject of childrens books is not one that comes up often outside of work. It's not like I walk into my favorite pub and have friends and acquaintences call out "Hey, it's about time you got here, I have a question about Peter Sis that I was hoping you could answer for me!"
Maybe I just lack the passion it takes to recall exactly how the U.S. court systems are structured, what Argentina's primary industry might be, or who the lead singer for a popular band in the seventies was.
On the bright side, I'm happy conversing with anyone who seems to have a wealth of facts at their disposal, and enjoy "re-learning" things I've known at one time or another. Maybe my purpose is to help other people feel a greater appreciation for the things they know.

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Gregory K. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog... and welcome to the world of blogging. Knowledge of children's books isn't such a bad thing, I'd say (except for the dreck ones, of course!).