Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is the first time I've seen this cute little book. This copy was obviously well-loved; it's barely held together at the hinge with brittle scotch tape. This is a Bonnie book and was published by Samuel Lowe in 1949. It's about a week in the life of Angel Children. Originally it came with a little puzzle (thus explaining the squiggly jigsaw lines on the front cover), but the puzzle is long gone.

"Angel Children are little things
With fairy ways
and fairy wings.
They sleep in the clouds;
and they live up high
along with birds
in the big blue SKY-"

"On MONDAY morning
early and bright
They gather the dew
That came in the night."

"TUESDAY they iron from morning till noon
With half a star on the quarter moon".

"On WEDNESDAY an owl old and wise
With smooth brown feathers
And big round eyes,
Comes up from the earth
And with manner mild,
Teaches lessons
To each Angel Child".

"On THURSDAY morning
They're up with the larks
To build a fire of lightning sparks

Then all day long
They mix and bake
Very delicious

"On FRIDAY they're all
As busy as bees
Up on ladders
And down on knees

And then on SATURDAY
Everyone goes down to earth
In his nicest clothes".

"They all like SUNDAYS best, I think
'Cause they wear little robes of blue and pink
And then with their song books
Containing the words,
THey sing with a chorus of little birds."

"So an Angel Child works,
And sometimes he plays,
But he always has perfectly

And if sometimes you'l watch
When the sky is REAL blue
Maybe you'll see one


veryRomantic said...

ohhhh goood

Tara said...

You forgot, "...and hang them to dry on a tall, tall tree." It comes after they wash their clothes. ;)

mrs T said...

Ther's a page missing after half a star and a quarter moon.there's another missing after up on ladders and down on knees,'it's polishing dusting as neat as pie, cos thats the way they house clean the sky.The rest of Saturday is missing aswell after 'thier nicest clothes. I would dearly love to know what is missing through out this lovely book, can some help, PLEASe.

Anonymous said...

They all like Sundays best, I think,
'Cause they wear little robes of blue and pink.

And then with their song books containing the words,
They sing with a chorus of little birds.

So an Angel Child works,
And sometimes he plays,
But he always has perfectly

And if sometimes you'll watch
When the sky is REAL blue,
Maybe you'll see one

Anonymous said...

where can i buy this book? my nan bought this for me when i was small, but i need a new copy.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know where I can obtain a copy of this book. My daughter read it to her girls when they were little.

Unknown said...

And then on Saturday everyone goes down to earth in his nicest clothes, to swim in pools by the light of the moon and dance about while the crickets croon.

We knew the whole book off by heart, we didn't have one with a puzzle though.

Nancy Reeves said...

Thank-you for posting these words and images. Our baby son, Gabriel Frances Greaves, was born sleeping on 8.8.12 and finding this has provided me with untold comfort. I have a 5 and a 6 year old who have also had to deal with this terrible loss and I have read the words to them. It has helped us enormously. I would dearly love to get hold of a copy of this book. If anyone knows where we could purchase a copy, please contact me Thank-you again for providing this comfort to us at this tragic time. Christina and Lee Greaves (mummy and daddy to an angel prince) xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello all. It is five in the morning and I awoke for no known reason... Opened my email a d found one like the above... My mother is Frances Wosmek, the author and illustrator of this book. She is 95 now, and doing very well. She has a, a Facebook page..France's Wosmek and all her work is archived at the cape Ann museum in Gloucester. Contact stephanie buck in the archives there, and request a xerox of the book... And if we are lucky we might even be able to have the museum reprint an edition of the book. Contact me on facebook or email. Your love of her work means so much to France's! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

We've been looking for this book for years. My husband and I read it to our daughter EVERY night when she was little (she's now 28) I was thrilled when I came across this page. I couldn't remember the authors name. I managed to order the book from the U.S. THANK YOU
Tony, Cindy and Krystal Cornelius

Anonymous said...

NO!!!!!!! just got an e-mail saying the book was not available....SO DISAPPOINTED :(
going to keep looking, it's now my Christmas mission!
Cindy Cornelius

Anonymous said...

Same as previous Anonymous - read this book to my daughter when she was little - now 24 - and so want to have a copy for my grand-daughter - just turned 1. If anyone has any idea how to obtain a copy please could they let me know by email With grateful thanks

Anonymous said...

I am nearly 61 and my mother read this to me - and apparently my older sister. She read it so ofter, she could recite it almost verbatim. I would love a copy of this book, but until now didn't know the author's name.

Teri Iverson said...

Is this book for sale????

sadie nine said...

We have just been talking about this on my radio show on BBC Essex. You can 'listen again' if you go to go to my page - Sadie nine - and listen again Monday, 30.05.2016 from 11am.
Let's get this reprinted. It is the MOST beautiful book ever - words and illustrations - I still have my copy - it is framed on my wall.
Come on you publishers, please can the children of today enjoy this wonderful book that delighted me as a child and made me feel safe. And still makes me feel warm inside today.
Sadie Nine BBC Essex

Unknown said...

Oh yes!! This precious book needs to be reprinted for all the children whose moms and grammas read it to them when they were little. I am a mom/ gramma/great gramma still reading the words to our great granddaughter but the book and pictures are long ago gone. I did type the words but miss the pictures.

Faiza Jee said...

It was wondering if I could use this write-up on my other website, I will link it back to your website though.Great Thanks. Kleertjes

Teri iverson said...

Hoping to be in Boston in October. Hope I can go to the museum

Faiza Jee said...

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