Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I guess it's no wonder that many of the books I'm posting here are of the pop-up or moveable variety. It's difficult to find these old animated books without any problems.
I discontinued the pop-up section of my shop because even if the book was shelved in perfect condition, it wasn't long before it was transformed into a shabby book.

This book is by Thirma and Carlyle Leech and was published by Capitol Publishing Co. 1944. Each page features a farm animal and the corresponding sound that he makes. Every other picture is animated.

The style of illustration is unusual; it has a kind of airbrushed quality. There's a slight creepiness to the disembodied heads that's enhanced when you move the tabs....all the animals' eyes roll back in their heads, just showing blank whites. I spared you the sight.


"Our Taffy cat, you may believe
Is just for fun and play,
But, oh, she's very useful, too
For keeping mice away"


""Quack!" laughs Dolly as she swims
Up and down the creek.
She bathes and splashes all day long
And keeps her feathers sleek"


""Oink, oink, oink," grunts Porky Pig
"I'm fat and growing fatter.
Some day I may be bacon, but
It really does not matter.""


"Ned may not make much speed it's true
As he plods along at work,
But never will you find a chore
That Ned will try to shirk"


"And here's our friend, Matilda Cow
Who gives us milk each day-
Big pails so full, to keep us well,
And straight, and strong and gay"


"Laughter makes for happiness
And a laugh is good to see.
You've laughted will all your barnyard friends,
Now come and laugh with me."


Anonymous said...

love the book. thank you for doing this blog- my 2 year old loves when i read it to her!

Sassy said...

I too have some old children's books. Some are old primers. I'm just fascinated with them. Loved your books. Thanks for sharing!