Friday, November 16, 2007

The Thin Black Line

My youngest cat has, in the last six months, discovered the awesomeness that is the outdoors. Not with our permission, I should add. He has become slyer and dartier and has managed to escape the monotony that is our house twice now, preferring to explore the woods and worry us silly.

So the other day, I got him a little cat harness and little cat retractable leash. (They are so cute btw).

Walking a cat on a leash is very unlike walking a dog. A cat saunters and plops. Repeatedly.
I open the door..he saunters out slowly, then plops down on his belly. Then he's up again, walks a few feet, then sinks again to lay flat on the ground.

We did this for about 20 minutes around the yard. He loved it, even though he lets me know in no uncertain terms that I am seriously cramping his style with the leash.

But tonight I knew the leash had established a permanant place in his heart when I rustled around in the leash basket and he raced to the door and hollered.

Awwwww. So cute.

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That's excellent!