Saturday, October 27, 2007

21st Century Bitch

I'm becoming quite the 40-something year old grouch. I went to an antique mall today that I visit about every six months and I found myself being a complete bitch to the owner. Not that she doesn't deserve it. She is always there; always attacks you as you walk in the door, follows you around and makes really obnoxious pressury comments regarding everything you pick up to examine. I've just found that her type needs some personality nettles to keep her at bay. I just want to browse in peace for goodness sake. I know what I like. Right?

Plus when I was checking out, two of the items I chose were priced with stickers and she balked, saying that "that was the price we paid" and made me pay twice the price per item.

I really can't stand her.

Ok, but it's not just her I act out against. I am finding myself increasingly annoyed by profit-driven personalities. The fakey sugary following me around all over the store shit, the "do you have anything on the bottom of your cart?" shit, the pretend stocking/shelving right next to me while I'm browsing shit.

I AM NOT A THIEF for God's sake.

Give me some breathing room.

I recently read a book called "I Passed As a Teen" written by a thirty-something woman who posed as a high school teenager for a semester in order to write an article about teens. This was in the late sixties.

One of her conclusions was that teenagers are incredibly put-upon by their superiors; lots of "Don't do this", "Don't do that", "If I catch you doing so and so, you will be..", etc....
She claimed that teenagers were basically being yelled at all day and barely being really looked at as god honest human beings. She predicted that it was only a matter of time before the teenagers "snapped" and acted out against the system.
And guess what? She was absolutely right.

And it's not just teenagers. All of us are being treated as nothing more than pockets to pick these days.

I find myself feeling increasingly demoralized as I encounter more and more red light ticket cameras at my usual intersections. Is there any aspect of our lives that doesn't involve a hand in our pockets?

Ok, so if you encounter me in public and try to sell me something or try to imply that I am going to deprive you of something, then guess what?, I am going to be bitchy to you.

On the other hand, if you visit my store and need help or info, I will give it to you gladly and leave you to your own decision-making processes; no pressure. I promise.
You know what you like. Right?

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Appalachian Feminist Breeder said...

I fucking hate being followed around like that. Big. Pet. Peeve.